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"Mourad has since gone on to be one of the most intriguing figures on the British dance scene, challenges the very nature of what you think a dance performance will look like."
  • Keith Watson
  • Metro
"Her multimedia ideas are all encompassing, engaging all our senses and demanding 100 per cent of our attention at all times."
  • P.D.
  • Dance Expression
"The work ‘In-Visible’ is a strong and moving statement about the politics of secrets in our culture…(Mourad’s) perspective is unique and she has a voice that deserves to be heard."
  • Alexis Stevens
  • Dance UK
"A truly rapturous experience for audiences, who are instantly called upon to invest intimately in IJAD's performative work, which is to a great extent relational and all about the meeting and emotional encounter with the public."
  • Mahita El-Basha Urieta
  • Abu Dhabi Arts Strategist
"There is a hunger for her work after 200 people were turned away. Reports of the audience being moved to tears by her intense delivery suggests that her desire to celebrate everything that is beautiful and emotional about Middle eastern culture has been realised."
  • Vanessa Read
  • European Cultural Foundation
  • Commenting on Arabise Me

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