"Mourad has since gone on to be one of the most intriguing figures on the British dance scene, challenges the very nature of what you think a dance performance will look like."

Keith Watson, Metro

"IJAD is leading the exploration of choreography, science and technology to help futureproof contemporary dance."

Open Online Theatre

Our creation, Open Online Theatre is a new way of ...

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Future Proof Your Body 01

| Starting from April 2020

Future Proof Your Body Experience what it is like to move in a virtual world – an interactive, immersive and performance experience dancing on the edge | more...

Celestial Bodies


CELESTIAL BODIES Library and Galleries Interactive Installation Premiering at Manchester Science festival. Cultural Public Experiences and Engagement Cultural activities in familiar public spaces. Family, fun and | more...

Walk into Space

| 23 to 25 January 2017

This co-creation piece is based on the concepts gravity, time, space and matter. It explores matter in all its forms and shapes through gravity, space and | more...

Tableau Vivant

| 20 October 2015

Can we let the culture of Iraq inspire questions and ignite ideas? Can we follow our senses to explore the borders between culture, ownership and place? Can we | more...


8-12 Oct 2018 (R&D - London)

22-25 Oct 2018 (R&D - London)

27-28 Oct 2018 (Manchester Science Festival)

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