The potent combination of choreography, science and technology gives us new insights into the human body, advances movement techniques, and offers
exciting new creative forms and innovation in the industry.

IJAD – a brief history of our work and Founder

IJAD is leading the exploration of movement, science and technology. Through engagement and research, we collaborate with communities and create opportunities for all. IJAD has been working with science and technology events since commissioned by the Science Museum to create a performance for Lates in 2013. We use dance and digital technology to explore the big scientific themes such as space and gravity and their impact upon human health and wellbeing. Our work has been shown at FACT, Manchester Science Festival and at venues around the UK and beyond. Over the past four years we have engaged with over 1,600 workshop participants, 52 artists and 15,300+ audience members (both live and virtual), across 34 countries.

IJAD is led by Artistic Director Joumana Mourad. A dancer and choreographer by training, she is at the forefront of what is possible with dance and technology, whilst being able to relate her findings to the wider community.

Between Now and 2025


We’re working with world-class scientists to explore the subject of gravity, and its connections with the science of the human body.


We’re developing new ways to co-create work; optimising the use of technology to deliver engaging performances to a wider audience; and improving the quality of streamed performances via our 360° choreography and recording.


We’re inviting technology companies to discuss the use of technology in performing arts, and encouraging dance companies to come together to shape the future of the industry.


We’re sharing our learning with fellow performance companies, and offering workshops with community groups to co-create performances.