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General Manager

General Manager

IJAD’s offices are in Willesden Green, West London.
Job Description
We have an exciting opportunity for a creative, motivated and well-organised individual to take on the job of IJAD DANCE COMPANY General Manager. IJAD had previously advertised this post in June 2015 however due to the growth of the organisation our current General Manager will be moving into the role of Development Manager and we are looking for someone new to replace her. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, reliable, an excellent communicator and who has a good understanding of arts management and fundraising.
About IJAD
IJAD Dance Company develops new forms of dance for the digital sphere, making contemporary dance accessible, participatory and connective. Founded on the ethos that the arts should shape our digital future, IJAD creates high-quality dance and researches innovative digital platforms.
IJAD is a non-profit creative dance company dedicated to involving people that are, historically, less likely to engage with contemporary dance. We do this through multi-disciplinary performances, outreach programmes, and the development of digital technology for co-creation. We believe in the power of dance to uplift the human spirit and enhance people’s lives.
The internet is a new arena for dance which requires different processes to a physical performance. IJAD asks how we can make dance digital as well as physical.
The General Manager will work closely with the Artistic Director, Event Producer(s), and Volunteer Coordinator.
Key Responsibilities include:
• Working with IJAD’s team to develop partnerships and income-generating opportunities
• Help create and action a long-term plan to sustainably grow the organisation
• Fundraising: researching, applying for and administrating grants and other income-generating possibilities
• Overseeing year-round running of the organisation
• Carrying on building the companies profile within the dance venues/galleries/museums/festivals/virtual platforms for performing and commissioning opportunities.
• Carrying on engaging with schools/universities/venues/galleries for engaging in workshops and receiving the toolkit.
• Understands Social media and converse on it
The applicant should be experienced in arts management and/or managing a creative business and have a proven track record of fundraising and revenue development.
This position is part-time, 2 days per week, from IJAD’s offices in Willesden Green.
This is initially a 3-month paid position to be reviewed with the possibility of becoming a permanent position.
Essential Skills
– Experienced Project Manager – a highly motivated and independent individual who has excellent written and verbal communication, organisational and interpersonal skills. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to multi-task across a portfolio of projects and to work with close attention to detail in a moderate moving environment.
– Experience writing successful fundraising applications and have solid understanding of the marketing process
– You will be passionate about the arts and bringing then to a wide range of people
– Excellent written and spoken English
– Conversant with Google docs and Microsoft Office (including experience with budgets)
– Interested in social media and digital technology in the arts
– This is a great opportunity for someone who is career-focused and interested in taking on responsibility as there is growth within the role to diversify into other areas of management.
Desirable Skills
• Experience of managing volunteers
• Knowledge of the tour booking process
• Experience in other areas of fundraising
• Previous experience working within the dance world
• Previous experience working within the digital world
IJAD has no political or religious affiliations and actively seeks opportunities to work with a wide range of cultures in the UK and abroad, achieving inter-cultural harmony through the highest quality contemporary dance events.
Applications deadline : 6 November 2015
Interviews will be held the week of november 9 2015.
If you need more info e-mail your questions to:
Please note: You need to send a covering letter explaining why you want to work with IJAD and a C.V. The position is for self employed and legally allowed to work within the U.K.
The interview will take place in two stages: the first is being invited to meet the team, then we will ask you to submit a work plan; the second stage is meeting the trustees.



Audiences, artists and performers: IJAD needs you!

For those who have been with us on this journey so far, you’ve
witnessed our new discoveries and the evolution in our themes and methods of creating and producing. We’ve been using social media to interact and collaborate with fellow performers and audiences alike, creating performances out of these interactions. And now we’re taking the level of collaboration up a notch, and we need your help. Read on to find out how…


For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been focussing on three ever evolving parallel universes:


·      The Personal


·      The Universe


·      The technology of sharing and interacting on the web

Interact with us

Where before we were asking for Tweets that would be incorporated into
our performances, today we are asking for your tweets to interact with
us, to inspire and effect and create the performance itself.

So whether you’re joining us again or new to IJAD, welcome to the
latest exploration in the In-Finite series…


 So what’s it all about?

In-Finite Space is all about, you guessed it, space. And space in all
its forms. For this performance we’re asking you to think about the
existence of 2 types of space and your relationship to it:


–       the space you experience as ‘personal’
–        the space we consider to be ‘the universe’
For example you might think of The Universe as gravity, the big bang
and the stars in the sky. By contrast, we experience a more personal,
perhaps more tangible type of space which is closer to our everyday
lives – the personal space we form in the buildings and rooms we live
in, or the space within our dreams… The third kind of space, the
digital one, is where we hope to see your imaginations at work. We
believe that the digital space we exist in can help us get closer to
imaging the other types of space… Through sharing ideas and creations.


 How can I get involved?


With IJAD the traditional one night stand performance is a thing of the past.

We’ll be having  the conversation from today! You can join us at any
time to give your creative ideas, or comment , or watch. Over the next month, we’ll choose a theme from the above and ask you to give us your take on it. You could send us a photo, write a
twitter poem, sketch or paint your response. We don’t mind what form
it comes in, as long as it’s original and produced in response to one
of our posts.

You’ll find the posts on facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Vine and you
can tag your response with #InFiniteReach.
To get you started here’s your first post, it falls under the theme of
The Universe:


A ripple from the past undulates away from my centre where all
memories are resting, into the extremity of my skin,
Manifesting itself through giggles, games, imagination a world filled
with fairy and astronauts dust, allowing me to take time and space to
recreate a new reality to my imagination.
We’ve also been working on a Pinterest board which you can follow here:

 Need some inspiration? Last year we received this tweet:

sky is
at the end
of my fingertips
As I reach upward
Where I stand
And finishes
eyes closed
in the far corner
of my imagination



and we danced this…..



 Who is IJAD?

We are a performance company dedicated to exploring new ways of
bringing audiences closer to our performances. Over the years we have
done this through digital technologies, live-streaming, photography,
durational and interactive performances. These days you’ll mostly find
us on one of our social media channels – Vineing, Pinning or Tweeting,
and of course, dancing!

We look forward to creating with you!