Corporate Workshops

Q: What is it? 

MeWe: Suitable for away days for Corporate

A: an improvised performance-on-the-spot thinking about balancing a physical space and one’s relation to (and within) a group

Two people step into a space and start to mirror their actions. More people join and move around the room in counterbalance. MeWe is a practical session where observing and listening (stillness) complements how groups of people may interact within a space (movement).  In this part-game and part-movement lab, participants use their understanding of their presence in a space to explore the impact of their actions to everyone around them. 

MeWe uses movement to encourage collaboration, activate creative thinking and, of course, improve physical health and mobility.

No prior experience needed, all levels of mobility are welcome. Suitable for all ages.

Sessions are for 15 – 30 people and can last  90/120/280 minutes up to a half day. MeWe is suitable for including in Away Days, for team building and conferences.

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