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Collaborative and multi-disciplinary dance project enabling the development of IJAD’s technology and artistic vision resulting in an innovative online platform for audience co-creation and a series of cross-platform performances. Stage one develops an online platform with creative design studio Citrus Suite to revolutionize communication between artist and audience whilst also testing the digital space and ...

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Past Projects

Little Red Riding Wolf

Taiwan | 2006

A site specific performance held in a Japanese winery in Hwalian, combining machines and movement. The derelict building came to life with music created by electrical | more...

The White House

Taiwan | 2006

A 30-day installation in Hwalian, suggesting anyone could be in the White House, USA. The audiences were invited to walk into a cube structure of four | more...

Disculpen la Felicidad

Tour | 2005 - 2006

Collaboratirs: Fransisco Sanchez; Paul Webb A solo installation using an opera sang by Esperansa Abad in 1962, looking at the impulses that create the dramatic text | more...


Germany | 2005

Collaborators: Romeo Runa; Alexandre Castre; Ikue Nakagawa. Mourad attended the Colina 2005 ‘Time – Space – Body’ professional artist laboratory. ‘An intense experience connecting past, present | more...


London | 2004

Work with Karen Martin, researching and developing interactive tools that would be more efficient in detecting the movement of audiences of 30 people or more.

Commas and Full Stops

Egypt | 2004

A commissioned solo performance, exploring issues of self-representation on stage, for the Alexandria Library. The subjects of living through war, the absurdity of war, attempting to | more...

Wicked World Within

London | 2003

A dance installation at Greenwich Dance Agency for which, IJAD worked closely with scientists, animators and researchers. Development and production funded by London Arts and the | more...

Move Inside Out

London | 2002

A research project held at The Place Theatre for a possible collaboration with Scientist, Sophie Dauvois. Four workshop opportunities were created for scientists to work with | more...

Pas De CinQ

London | 2000

IJAD’s month long residency at The ICA Media Centre. Looking at the continued development of the three dimensional relationship between movement, defined spaces and virtual imagery. | more...

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