Performance – Future Proof

Future Proof Your Body 01

Experience what it is like to move in a virtual world – an interactive, immersive and performance experience dancing on the edge of duel realities…
Suitable for all ages 13 yrs+.

Future Proof Your Body is an experience answering to our Urgent human crisis facing global warming.

Have you ever wondered what the future holds for the human body in our technology-driven age? Can our bodies fulfil their potential in a virtual environment? Future Proof Your Body 01 is an open performance experience using the latest Virtual Reality technology to enable audiences to collaborate with the environments offered.

Comissioned by the University Arts and Science and premiered there in November 2019, and performed at The Minack. 

Audiences are given the opportunity to be spectators as well as makers/performers
Using the latest VR technology, audiences are invited to interact with their environment. You don’t need experience in either VR or dance. Participants are invited to explore and discover…
• Participants enter, are introduced to the performers and given a short physical warm-up
• Participants are shown how to operate the VR
• Participants explore using the VR
• The performers show a short piece of choreography and then develop these movements whilst wearing the VR
• Participants are given a second opportunity to use the VR
• There is a short discussion all together about the experience

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