Bio: Lou Cope

Lou Cope is a lecturer, writer and coach and has currently joined IJAD as dramaturg for the In-Finite project. Having discussed creative director and choreographer Joumana’s ideas and intentions over skype in the past few weeks, Lou comes in now to help the company see how the material is working and whether it is communicating what they hope it will. She works with Joumana and the dancers on the structure and tries to help them all find consistency and coherency in the movement and relationships. She is here to consider what the audience will experience, more objectively than Joumana and the others are able.

Of being part of the In-Finite project, Lou says;

‘Joining joumana and the others in this murky world of secrets has been really interesting. Dramaturgically speaking, a secret has its own energy and its own desire to break out and be heard. Playing with this has been fascinating. And confronting our own relationships with secrets, and exploring the question ‘would it really be so bad if we relieved ourselves of the burden of carrying this secret’ has been eye opening. Of course with IJAD this is then placed in a social media context, where sharing is everything and anonymity a possibility, and this allows an extra element of truth, unburdening and revelation. What fun!’

Lou is on twitter @loucope1 and the In-Finite project comes to London this Friday.

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