Roundtable Discussions

A monthly event on 2nd Monday of each month

Connective Matrix

The Connective Matrix, an off-shoot of IJAD Dance Company, responds to impacts of Covid-19 on the performing arts sector by inviting specialists and researchers at the cutting edge of performing arts, multiple realities and technology to discuss the future potentials and challenges of new forms.

IJAD has been working across arts, science and tech for over ten years via collaborations with physicists, the immersive experience, VR composition, and as the creator of Open Online Theatre, a monetised live streaming platform for artists. 

By combining performing arts and technology IJAD believes we can create the perfect evolving space to push the boundaries of both sectors, and evolve exciting and usable forms to support artists and the sector as a whole.

Through these encounters we plan to form creative labs where mutually driven ideas become the real.

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