Roundtable Discussions

A bi-monthly event on 2nd Monday of each month

Follow Connective Matrix – Panel discussion in our Open Online Theatre festival between 1 to 3 February 2021

IJAD Dance’s next Connective Matrix round table unites artists using tech with venues to explore ways of moving forward in mutually beneficial, progressive

Who owns your work once it goes online?

Mon 1st Feb   14:00- 15:00 GMT

I.P. and rights for digitally distributed performance is still a grey area. How can we evolve this to protect artists and creators?

How can the digital help artists survive?

Tues 2nd Feb   14:00 – 15:00 GMT

Which new models are being developed to help emerging and mid-career artists gain sustainable careers?

Post-Covid tech-evolutions: what’s new and what will last?

Weds 3rd Feb 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

What models have the performing arts explored, developed and refined during the Covid-19 and lockdown period? Which adaptations have worked and which will serve us going forward? Do we have new methods of best practice?

How could the future look?

Weds 3rd Feb 15:30 – 16:30 GMT

How would you like to see the performing arts and tech sectors co-evolve? What would be the ideal situations for artists, venues and audiences, and how can technology support them? In a perfect world, how will things flow in and between spaces?

Future-thinking panelists at the cutting edge of arts and tech imagine and discuss best ways forward to benefit the entire performing arts ecosystem. Audiences may ask questions via the OOT chat box.


The Connective Matrix, an off-shoot of IJAD Dance Company, responds to impacts of Covid on the performing arts sector by inviting specialists and researchers at the cutting edge of performing arts, multiple realities and technology to discuss the future potentials and challenges of new forms.IJAD has been working across arts, science and tech for over ten years via collaborations with physicists, the immersive experience, VR composition, and as the creator of Open Online Theatre, a monetised live streaming platform for artists.

By combining performing arts and technology IJAD believes we can create the perfect evolving space to push the boundaries of both sectors, and develop exciting and usable forms to support artists and the sector as a whole.

Through these encounters we plan to form creative labs where mutually driven ideas become the real.