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Round Table

| 10 December 2019

This round table is looking at bringing the performing arts communities, (dance, circus, parkour, theatre, musicals, etc..)together to stimulate debate in an area which has increasing | more...

Schools Dance & Science & Technology

| January 2019 to December 2019

WORKSHOP Title:                          The Universe in Motion Available:                 January 2019 – December 2019 Duration:                 1 hour – 2 hours, could be bespoke to the schools’ requirements Suitability:               | more...

The Open Door Workshop

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The Open Door Workshop A practical and research based workshop looking at the physical behaviour of the centre of gravity, how its internal strategy and its | more...

Create dance for digital platforms

Worldwide | 2nd to 21 November 2017

IJAD Dance has created a new training package for choreographers, to help you explore how to create and tailor artistic content for delivery via digital platforms. | more...

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