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Create dance for digital platforms

2nd to 21 November 2017 / APPLY NOW

IJAD Dance has created a new training package for choreographers, to help you explore how to create and tailor artistic content for delivery via digital platforms. Create work anywhere and anytime and take your audience with you.

While digital technology gives us the power to be transparent and collaborative with our audiences by sharing rehearsals and inviting audience creativity online, it requires a fresh approach to choreography.

As technology has moved on, so has the means by which IJAD creates its work, and makes it accessible to and responsive to audiences. To this end, IJAD has created an Open Online Theatre www.openonlinetheatre.org

In this intellectually challenging and creatively liberating programme, you will learn how to create dance and choreography to be delivered digitally, engaging others in the process.

What will you get?

The package involves three days of structured training in how to:

• use sensography (choreography tailored specifically for online streaming) across multiple platforms

• work with cameras and film editing in live performance

• use social media for co-creativity.

In addition, you will also receive:

• one-to-one choreographic support from IJAD Director Joumana Mourad

• bespoke social media support to help you maximise your social network reach, increasing audiences and co-creation opportunities

• an opportunity to deliver your choreographed performance via our digital platform, Open Online Theatre.

What is the commitment?

You will commit to five days of in-house time, with additional development time in-between.

As well as committing to the three days of training, you will also be expected to:

• spend time co-creating a 20-minute piece of choreography, to be delivered via Open Online Theatre

• deliver a performance via Open Online Theatre

• spend a day helping IJAD evaluate the workshop programme

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How much does it cost?

As this is a trial programme we are asking a contribution to costs of only £25 per participant. The value of the workshop package is over £14,000 so this presents an exceptional opportunity.

When is it?

October 02 to 4: Three days of workshop training

• October 09 to November 17: Receive social media and choreographic support to co-create dance piece

• November 20 (daytime) and 21 (evening): Performances

• November 27 to December 01: Feedback session (exact date to be agreed)

How do I participate?

There are two ways to participate:

• Physically in-person

• Virtually via Open Online Theatre

Please note that the in-house days will take place at Rich Mix, London. A contribution to accommodation and travel costs can be made for participants based outside of London – please get in touch to discuss.

Virtual participants can be based internationally. Please see notes on requirements at the end**

Accessibility and participation

We want to support the participation of D/deaf and disabled participants. If you are interested in participating, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

**Requirement for virtual participants

These are the minimum requirements for participating virtually:

• To be present simultaneously with the physical participants

• To complete the tasks at the same time as the physical participants

• If there is a time difference, virtual participants must be able to make the necessary arrangements to participate as required

• Ability to commit to the hours set by IJAD (IJAD remain cognisant of the needs of the international participants and will discuss this with them in advance)

• Studio space or a space in which they can comfortably create their work (e.g. an outdoor space if they’re creating work for an outdoor festival; an accessible space for a D/deaf and disabled performer, etc)

• Access to Wi-Fi/broadband

• A tablet/smartphone/pc/laptop which has an integral camera

An account on at least one of the following social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

To apply, please submit your CV along with a short paragraph outlining your interest to Steph Weller (General Manager) on steph.weller@ijaddancecompany.com

Deadline: Friday 29th September 2017


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