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"IJAD is leading the exploration of choreography, science and technology to help futureproof contemporary dance."
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About IJAD

IJAD is exploring the combination of choreography, science and technology. We believe that together these subjects can bring huge benefit to the dance world including further understanding of the human body; advancing movement techniques; and offering greater creativity and innovation in the industry.

Between now and 2020


We’re working with world-class scientists to explore at the subject of gravity, and exploring the science of the human body.


We’re developing ways to co-create work; optimising the use of technology to deliver engaging performances a wider audience; and improving the quality of streamed performances by perfecting our 360° choreography and recording.


We’re inviting technology companies to discuss the use of technology in the dance world, and encouraging dance companies to come together to shape the future of the industry.


We’re sharing our learnings with fellow performance companies, and offering workshops with community groups to co-create performances.

"Mourad has since gone on to be one of the most intriguing figures on the British dance scene, challenges the very nature of what you think a dance performance will look like."
  • Keith Watson
  • Metro

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