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IJAD’s workshops foster creativity and collaboration through our pioneering use of digital technology. IJAD’s ethos of inviting every individual to become a creative agent fosters Thinking, Acting, Relating and Accomplishing – all enhanced, extended, and enabled by the powerful tools and technologies of the 21st century and beyond.

IJAD Dance Company is dedicated to introducing a broad public to multi-disciplinary dance performances, stimulating critical conversation and creativity through performances and outreach programmes.

We are committed to providing opportunities for audiences to participate fully in the artistic process and to eradicate the labels used to segregate ourselves like race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic or social class. Our workshops are tailored to each participant group, from graduate students to refugees.

Our ‘Turning Social Media Into Creative Media’ workshop series has been programmed by Siobhan Davies Studios, Rich Mix, and Brunel University. These workshops have been equally successful with young people, as evidenced when the workshops were run for 11 and 12 year-olds at the International Community School, London.

The company’s multicultural background and approach is culturally sensitive, exploring differences as well as similarities. IJAD has a 15-year track record of successfully collaborating with a wide range of cultural groups, from running youth workshops in the Frederick Messer estate in Seven Sisters to working with refugees in Barnet, Brent and Haringey.

For more details on available workshops, please see below.

“It was truly remarkable how the learning capabilities of the participants improved within days and how some, perhaps for the first time, have found the confidence to speak of their experience.”
Barnet College, ESOL Students, Communicator Newsletter

“I really enjoyed the event, was really impressed by the young people’s achievement, the performance was incredibly high quality.”
Rachel Evans, Sadlers Wells

“It is great to see young people enjoying themselves and learning positive ways to express themselves and channel their energy. This has been a very positive project; all the young people have really enjoyed themselves. The project has encouraged young people to utilise play areas on the estate in a positive fashion.”
Leinya Keivani, The Bridge New Deal For Communities


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