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The Open Door Workshop


The Open Door Workshop

A practical and research based workshop looking at the physical behaviour of the centre of gravity, how its internal strategy and its attitude to space and time can be used to our creative and empowering benefit as performers.

This exploratory workshop is one of a series of 5 workshops, designed to bring together, Scientists, Technologists Dance Artists,(choreographers/dancers), Circus Artists (acrobats, hand to hand) & Parkour Artists.

When: 23th of July 2018

Location: London

Starting Time: 14:00

Ending time: 18:00

Cost: Pay What You Can (Suggested donation £5)

How to apply: Please email: hello@ijaddancecompany.com for an application form.

Deadline: 18 July 2019

Attending: Science Academics | Technologists | Digital Artists | Creative Artistic Directors | Dance Artists | Circus Performers | Parkour Artists

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The workshop is led by Joumana, Artistic Director of IJAD Dance Company. Bringing creative leaders and practitioners, technology and intellectuals together in one room to explore, play and unpick the centre of gravity in multiple levels.

Cross pollination of disciplines:
Research-based, strategic learning and teaching practices that will be shared, discussed and played out during the workshop.
Centre of Gravity: Finding, playing and understanding how each discipline uses gravity, unlocking the specific centre point of each discipline.

In the last 2 years IJAD has been investigating and creating work based on Space, time and matter leading to the last 6 months focussing specifically on gravity as one of the greatest earth force. IJAD Dance Company has been investigating with Professor Ian Loram (a neuroscientist from Manchester Metropolitan University) the behaviour of the centre of gravity in our bodies, and abstracting it to use it as an impetuous for creative practices. And now we are ready/excited/happy to share it with a variety of artists, disciplines and practitioners.

Picture curtsy of Clarissa Lapollaph

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