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Collaborative performing arts media and technology workshop

24 March 2013 / 14:00-16:30

A collaborative workshop exploring the creative potential of art practices, movement, social media, and digital communication using portable computers, 3G phones, tablets and networked systems. The workshop is aimed at those who wish to acquaint themselves with new creative and performative, interconnected tools.

This workshop provides an introduction in how to creatively explore some of the current approaches, practices and aesthetics in connecting the artists mind, body information/data flow with a multitude of platforms (including social media, Qr codes, streaming, Google Maps etc).

Participants will work together to explore the various possibilities for cross platform work and how it can exist on an aesthetic/theoretical/audience level. Participants will come with their own knowledge and experience of technology (beginners are welcomed) and IJAD will provide the extra knowledge needed to get the most out of the workshop.

The approach is used as an introduction in generating ideas and interactions.

We are going to be looking at:
Hybrid realities and multiple sites
Portable cameras and video production
Social media used for shared creativity, transparency and production.

Subject used: Private/ Public and Secrets

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