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General manager/Producer

Organisations that partner/collaborate with IJAD come in all shapes, sizes and markets. Your knowledge of managing performing arts and media, combined with your communication skills and analytical abilities shapes how IJAD's innovative business grows. Using your influencing and relationship-building skills, you provide IJAD’s high-caliber client service and research our market, helping create and deliver our products.

Part-time Co-Producer: IJAD’s office is in Willesden Green.

We have an exciting opportunity for a creative, motivated and well-organised individual to take on the job of IJAD DANCE COMPANY Co-Producer. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, reliable, an excellent communicator, interested in performing arts in the digital space.

About IJAD

IJAD Dance Company develops new forms of dance for the digital sphere, making contemporary dance accessible, participatory and connective. Founded on the ethos that the arts should shape our digital future, IJAD creates high-quality dance and researches innovative digital platforms.

IJAD is a non-profit creative dance company dedicated to involving people that are, historically, less likely to engage with contemporary dance. We do this through multidisciplinary performances, outreach programmes, and the development of digital technology for co-creation. We believe in the power of dance to uplift the human spirit and enhance people’s lives.

The internet is a new arena for dance which requires different processes to a physical performance. IJAD asks how we can make dance digital as well as physical.



The General Manager/Producer will work closely with the Artistic Director, Event Producer, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Key Responsibilities :

A good understanding of:

• Fundraising

• Tour booking

• implementing and maintaining: databases

• providing support to the director

• ensuring corporate and legal requirements are complied with, and reporting to the board of directors.

• planning and organising logistics related to the activities of the charity press liaison and public relations

• writing or contributing to publications which accompany events and activities

• marketing a performance or event through social media, direct mail, advertising, websites, posters or publicity leaflets and attracting media coverage

• developing new projects and initiatives in consultation with arts professionals and key stakeholders (e.g. local authorities, local government and communities, venue directors and regional arts boards)

The applicant should be experienced in arts management and/or managing a creative business and have a proven track record of fundraising and revenue development. This position is part-time, up to 2 days per week, from IJAD’s offices in Willesden Green. This is initially a 3-month position to be reviewed with the possibility of becoming a permanent position.

Essential Skills

- A highly motivated and independent individual who has excellent written and verbal communication, organisational and interpersonal skills. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to multi-task across a portfolio of projects and to work with close attention to detail in a moderate moving environment.

- fundraising skills

- Excellent written and spoken English

- Conversant with Google docs and Microsoft Office (including experience managing data)

- Interested in social media and digital technology

- This is a great opportunity for someone who is career-focused and interested in taking on responsibility as there is growth within the role to diversify into other areas of management.

Desirable Skills

• Experience of managing Database

• Previous experience working within the digital world

IJAD has no political or religious affiliations and actively seeks opportunities to work with a wide range of cultures in the UK and abroad, achieving inter-cultural harmony through the highest quality contemporary dance events.

Applications due: 26 of January 2020 Interviews will be held on the week of the 31st of January 2020. If you need more info email your questions to: hello@ijaddancecompany.com.

Please note: You need to send a covering letter explaining why you want to work with IJAD and a C.V. The position is for applicants who areself employed and legally allowed to work within the U.K. The interview will take place in two stages.

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