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IJAD Dance Company workshop/audition

IJAD Dance Company is auditioning! London, 10 January 2019

Looking for Actors to host, compere and bring alive an installation.

The role is about leading audiences, school and community groups through an interactive workshop, engaging them collectively, as well as personable interactions. There is an expectation of being charismatic, with good improvisation skills and a general positive and genuine attitude. There is a small script which is full of space/science facts, to be delivered as participants are interacting with the installation, which can be delivered in a Crystal Maze, Richard O’Brien styley…or not!

We will be holding a workshop / audition on 10 January 2019

The workshop will offer participants the opportunity to meet the organisations creative team, experience what our objectives are for this role and IJAD will have the chance to choose the performers that are best suited for this project.

Workshop / audition by invitation only

If you have two years experience and a degree in Acting please send us a C.V and a cover letter by January 5th 2019 explaining how your experience would suit this role to hello@ijaddancecompany.com.

Contract Starts: January of 2019 rehearsals and performances will be sporadic until December 2019. Paid work.

Current dates you must be available for: 14th – 17th & 28th January, Feb 21st & 22nd, May 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th & 15th, Oct 4th, 19th & 26th.

About IJAD

IJAD are a contemporary performance company has a fascination with new technology and an aim to get everyone involved. The work is based contemporary, neo classical and physical theatre dance styles.

For more information about IJAD Dance Company visit www.ijaddancecompany.com

The position is for those registered self-employed and legally allowed to work within the U.K.

IJAD has no political or religious affiliations and actively seeks opportunities to work with a wide range of cultures in the UK and abroad, achieving inter-cultural harmony through the highest quality contemporary dance events.

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Registered Charity: 1080776