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2016 saw us receiving funds and support from the capital Exchange London and LJMU to develop Sensography: A triple choreography across three platforms.

The research was led by, Joumana Mourad, Dr Pauline Brooks, Reader in Creating dance awareness for the choreographers and the performers, and Dr Andrew Newsam, Professor of Astrophysics, has provided the scientific input on space and gravity to frame the research.

The fact that our research started with the scientific inputs from professor Andrew Newsam, astrophysicist at LJMU, gave us a good start as the knowledge exchanged was based on gravity and centre of gravity, orbits, as well as dimensions. All these scientific inputs gave us a good structure to solidify our research and cement it with facts.

We found out that we had to deal with the sensography of the choreography AND sensography of the subject and technique. So in effect we were working on TWO projects in one. One to develop material in a creative environment that used live performers working in different performance platforms and, one to consider the technical skills dancers need to be familiar with in order to perform in these different platforms. We were switching from trying to develop one and then the other in the SAME project.

We realise that we have just started a very long journey that we need more time to research and explore. What we have learnt is that we are involved in:-

a) finding methodologies/strategies for developing skills in dancers to work in emerging dance platforms involving technology;

b) re-defining or re-imagining dance performances for emerging performance platforms

being at the cutting edge of exploration of the streaming of dance performance via an online medium; it is at its infancy stage and it has a great potential to develop.

So now we are looking to take this research and development to the next level watch the space.

If interested write to hello@ijaddancecompany.com

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