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Collaborative and multi-disciplinary dance project enabling the development of IJAD’s technology and artistic vision resulting in an innovative online platform for audience co-creation and a series of cross-platform performances. Stage one develops an online platform with creative design studio Citrus Suite to revolutionize communication between artist and audience whilst also testing the digital space and ...

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Past Projects

Delete the Bits

London | 1998

A performance looking at body space, using strong sculptural forms to take the body’s movement to its deepest internal and external level. This piece also featured | more...

Chosen Lies

London | 1997

This piece focuses on current world conflicts, fusing dance, film and music, creating a new form of visual language.


London | 1996

Examining the individual in society whilst exploring contemporary dance techniques with ancient Arabic dance vocabulary and audio-visual imagery.


London | 1995

An exploration of the emotional and political struggles in Beirut that combines movement and imagery through the use of masks, Corde Lisse work and slide projections. | more...

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