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Room For Wonder and Space

UK | 2015


Since 2005 we’ve been researching, creating and developing collaborative work internationally. In 2014/15, IJAD continues to harness the creative power of social media across communities and generations with Room For Wonder and Space.

Science and Magic

Explore the landscape, sensations and characters of your own fairy-tale world and play in a landscape of dance in Room For Wonder. IJAD transforms an entire performance space into an otherworldly experience by sharing and connecting myths, legends and folklore from around the world. Room For Wonder is a site-specific piece that grows out of the cultural heritage and creative input of each location’s diverse community, whether it’s on the scale of a street, a borough or a city.

Space explores the journey from Nothing to Infinity is a dance through mathematics and dimensions, each one a step further into a broader universe. This journey is personal as much as it is cosmic. Why distinguish between the two when all is interconnected? The smallest objects affect the largest, the vastest events interlink with the tiniest. Our actions flow in directions we can barely perceive and have significance in dimensions we cannot barely comprehend.

Room For Wonder

… is a multi-media contemporary dance piece inspired by the folklore and oral history of migrant communities. The structure is based on stories and creative responses collected through workshops with migrant communities and artists sharing their cultural background. Room For Wonder explores the values and sensitivities of each culture by finding connections between their respective stories and reimagining them in a new light. Taking place in multiple rooms, Room For Wonder is tactile and sense-driven, inviting interaction and inspiring a sense of wonder and otherworldliness.


… explores scientific understandings of the fundamental structure of the universe in astronomy and geometry  and how these intersect with our everyday, subjective experiences of space. IJAD’s signature high-energy ensemble choreography, developed through improvisation, draws the audience effortlessly into another world through their responsiveness to the audience, the tweets and one another. The performances are streamed online and designed to include both virtual and physical audiences, inviting their input via social media and integrating it into the choreography in real-time.
Following the success of the 2013 dance piece In-Finite Space at The Science Museum and the AHRC commision for the Creative Economy Showcase, IJAD Dance Company decided to explore the theme of Space in more depth.

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