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Walk into Space

23 to 25 January 2017 / 2pm and 7pm

“And in the big bang, only two elements were created: hydrogen and helium.

And both of those are odorless, colorless, gases.

There was no carbon, there was no oxygen, there was none of this.

So where does all this good stuff come from,

the stuff of life, the stuff that makes you and me?

Well, where this stuff comes from is from stars.

It’s the stars that are the element factories.

They’re the ones that make the carbon in your bones.

The oxygen that you’re breathing.

The iron in your blood.

The carbon that makes the apple pies.

They make the periodic table.

They make you and me.

And hence, that we are star stuff.

We are an integral part of the universe, because we have been created from it.” Astronomy in EDEX lecture: Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy, 2016




Experience ‘right here’ what is ‘out there’.




This co-creation piece is based on the concepts: Gravity, Time, Space and Matter.


It explores Matter in all its forms and shapes through gravity, space and time. It views Matter it its elemental state, though to the formation of a star, to becoming part of a human and beyond.


We are inviting you – the scientist, the artist, the person – to shape this work with your creativity and imagination.




IJAD want to enable a wide audience to access ‘big ideas’ through dance and movement: taking the most ‘unreachable’ subjects and making them visible through the most ‘present’ of art forms.




We want to recreate the Milky Way galaxy by turning the performance space, the dancers and the audience into stars, planets and satellites. This performance installation will explore the forces of the universe through interactions between dancer, audience member and physical space


During the performance we will project a real time view of space, by taking the pictures captured by a telescope and projecting them onto six walls. Each camera is connected to a device that tells the performers how many people are currently watching that angle. If a certain amount of viewers is reached, the light from that camera gets brighter so that dancers know to perform to that camera.


Playing with scale and connectivity in this way helps us better understand how gravitational forces interconnect, absorb and reject matter in space.


IJAD are working with prominent astronomers and researchers to ensure the project is underpinned by the most current scientific understanding. We will provide an enriching experience which both inspires and develops the energy of inquisitive science and combines this with philosophical questioning.




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