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Infinite Space Part #2 as a part of the AHRC Creative Economy showcase.

12-03-14 /

Welcome to IJAD’s Infinite Space Part #2


If everything in the universe is connected, the smallest act can create a colossal change. What we choose to do in one miniscule moment manages to manipulate the course of events for everyone involved.

This piece is based around parallel lives and the thought that a single decision, in one moment, can change the direction of your life.


The duration of this performance is the ‘life’ of the dancers on stage and you decide what happens, and where they go next.

Interact with our performance, by telling us about your favourite spaces, whether they are real, imaginary, out of this world or even an online environment.

Share your favourite spaces with us on Twitter, @IJADdance using #infinitereach and see our dancers explore them.

The spaces you share determine what our dancers do next.

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