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In-Finite Space #2

from the 4th till the 8th of March / 7;30pm

Shroud yourself in constellations with In-Finite Space. Our dancers will take you out of time and transport you along scientific shifts from the Medieval Arabic world to 21st Century thought. Marvel as the movements of the heavens unfold and feel the strange interconnectedness that binds us all…

Take charge and change the show.

We’re looking to inhabit our scientific universe with human experience.

Just find #InfiniteReach on Twitter and we’ll travel the cosmos together. Add your creative thoughts like shooting stars across IJAD’s constellation and watch how your words alter the performance making each night unique. Experience the dynamic vastness and cataclysmic expanse of The Everything. Book Now.

“Exactly the sort of company who should know and be known!” – Donald Hutera

“Love the beautiful moment of today…how a mundane moment became a dream…spectacular!” – Audience member

This has evolved since its première at the Science Museum in 2013 – have a quick look here.

 ©2017 IJAD Dance Company

Registered Charity: 1080776