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Future Proof Your Body 01


What is the future for the human body? Can our bodies fulfil their potential in a virtual environment? Future Proof Your Body 01 is an unique and immersive performance experience aiming to re-connect us with our physical space using VR, sound and movement. Join choreographer Joumana Mourad and her team of professional dancers as they guide you to explore mobility, creativity and gravity. Part performance, part immersive experience, this is a playful opportunity for learning about science and physicality whilst having fun! No prior experience needed, all levels of mobility are welcome, 13yrs+.

These immersive performance experiences are the result of Joumana’s University of Exeter Arts and Culture Commission, ‘Future Proof Your Body’, which was developed in collaboration with immersive experience designers, The Workers, and with input from University of Exeter academics. To find out more about Joumana’s Arts and Culture Commission visit University of Exeter Arts and Culture website here.

University of Exeter – 1 and 2 November
Roborough Studios
Prince of Wales Road
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The Minack Theatre – 15 and 16 November
TR19 6JU
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  • Touring from November

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