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Tuba Gursoy


Tuba Gursoy

Tugba Gursoy is a Hotel Manager at well renown creative members club in London. As a Fine Art Sculpture graduate, she temporarily pursued life as a Stone Mason, but eventually followed her passion for business development for the arts and launched Unit 5 Studios in Norwich in 2007.

Having spent three years building a strong arts community in the region, she moved back to her home town of London to join an award winning, luxury five-star hotel brand in a front of house capacity, where she became an Assistant Hotel Manager.

Jodie Eastwood


Jodie Eastwood

Jodie Eastwood leads on London’s new Knowledge Quarter, a consortium of knowledge creators within a one miles radius of Kings Cross. KQ Partners include over 57 academic, cultural, research, scientific and media organisations large and small: from the British Library and University of the Arts London to the School of Life, Connected Digital Economy Catapult, Francis Crick Institute and Google. The aim of the KQ is to encourage all kinds of knowledge seekers to make the most of the partners’ combined resources. To break down barriers and stimulate dialogue, getting the whole area buzzing with ideas.

Jodie has been working within the Knowledge economy for the past 15 years, with roles at the British Library, Creativeworks London, London Metropolitan University and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She strongly believes that knowledge exchange breeds innovation, fruitful networks and creative interaction. Jodie specialises in working within complex multi stakeholder partnerships, brokering relationships and creating spaces for ideas sharing.

Joumana Mourad

Artistic Director


Joumana Mourad is a Dancer, Choreographer and the Artistic Director at IJAD Dance Company.

Joumana is of Lebanese and Argentinean origins and both cultural influences have informed her work: her movement language, which is a hybrid of a range of styles such as Raqs Sharqui, physical theatre, contemporary and neo-classical but the outcome is essentially contemporary. She is drawn towards immersive forms for engaging her audience.

Her early dance training began in Beirut and continued at the Laban Centre, London. Following the completion of her MA in Dance and Choreography at Middlesex University Mourad has created productions for IJAD as well as choreographing for a diverse spectrum of organisations that include; Jumeira Productions, Piedo Dance Company USA, Polite Company, the National Youth Music Theatre Company and US Advertising Agency Big Photographic.

Throughout the past nine years, IJAD has gained a reputation from audiences and critics for its innovative approach to stage performance. Her work has toured internationally.

Vanessa Pope

General Manager

Vanessa Pope 1 small

Vanessa is an experienced manager with a background overseeing the development of interactive, collaborative, and multi-arts performances.

Vanessa is thrilled to be joining IJAD at a time when the company is exploring new ways to bring communities together through digital technologies. A scientist at heart, she is particularly delighted at the prospect of experimentation.

Brought up in Istanbul and educated in Canada, she is excited by the universal, open, and passionate work IJAD presents.

Denise Bissell



Denise is an excellent communicator with over 15 years experience of working in communications delivery in the private and public sectors.

She has experience of creating, delivering and evaluating internal communications plans and strategies that engage staff with organisational objectives.

Denise has developed strong stakeholder relationships across and between organizations and communities, her open and friendly style enables her to engage people at all levels. She has experience of managing large and small budgets and has a good understanding of business case, procurement and contracting processes.

Denise has a strong knowledge of all communications channels including digital and social media – and how to use them effectively.

Claire Medcalf



Claire Medcalf is a freelance Copywriter and Creative.

In her role as an IJAD trustee she advises on branding, marketing, and communication.

Leila Mroueh



Leila is a communications expert and producer with over 15 years of experience in broadcast media.

A life coach and published writer, Leila is passionate about empowering young people across the Middle East to take responsibility for their lives through their participation in media, culture and personal development initiatives.

A proud trustee for the IJAD Dance Company for over the past six years, Leila considers herself to be one of the many IJAD ‘cheerleaders, sound broads and supporters’ of the company that she believes will continue to go from strength to strength.

Between 2002 and 2008 Leila was the Co-Founding Director of the cultural agency Ziyarat that masterminded several public events including ‘Arabise Me’ for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2006) and Liverpool Arabic Arts festival (2008) both events featuring breathtaking performances by IJAD.

Yolanda Calle


For Joumana

Yolanda Calle is a Biologist who studies the mechanisms that regulate cell movement.

She has a great interest in dance and collaborated with Joumana/IJAD’s project Wicked World Within by providing films and images of moving cells and became the biggest fan of the company.

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