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"IJAD Dance Company is passionate about delivering high-quality, innovative, technology led performance pieces that make the contemporary dance world accessible to all."
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IJAD’s Ethos

IJAD Dance Company develops new forms of dance for the digital sphere, making contemporary dance accessible, participatory and connective. Founded on the ethos that the arts should shape our digital future, IJAD creates high-quality dance and researches innovative digital platforms.

IJAD is a non-profit creative dance company dedicated to involving people that are, historically, less likely to engage with contemporary dance. We do this through multi-disciplinary performances, outreach programmes, and the development of digital technology for co-creation. We believe in the power of dance to uplift the human spirit and enhance people’s lives.

Movement is universal and has the potential to facilitate communication and connections between communities, as does our increasing digital connectivity.

As new digital mediums emerge, there are increasing opportunities to question the way dance is created and re-imagine it for new remote audiences.

The internet is a new arena for dance which requires different processes to a physical performance. IJAD asks how we can make dance digital as well as physical.

IJAD’s History

Founded in 1999, IJAD’s aim is to create a complete synthesis of the real, virtual, visual and the physical to create a fully immersive experience.

There is an intrinsically Arabic essence to IJAD’s dance work which runs beyond its technical Raqs Sharqi roots. Artistic Director and Choreographer Joumana Mourad uses physical theatre when choreographing, and sees opportunity in not being specific to a single genre of dance.

Themes that run through our repertoire are connected to Mourad’s early life in Lebanon. Her pieces are full of secrets, visceral sensuality, the role of the voyeur, inner and outer life and an intensity of emotion that is sustained more than it is explosively expressed.

IJAD applies its ambitious creative remit to unconventional spaces and new formats, from creating a piece for 45 performers in Taiwan to engaging audiences in 11 countries with the performance of In-Finite Space Part 2. IJAD has performed internationally and regularly showcases its work for the digital community.

IJAD’s commissions include Alexandria Library (Egypt, 2004), Digital Dance (England, 2004), Part Time Arabs (Liverpool, 2006), Arts Dubai (Dubai, 2009), V&A (England, 2012), Science Museum (England, 2013), Colina (Germany, 2005), Taipei Arts Village (Taiwan, 2006), Hwalian International Project (Taiwan, 2006), and IETM (Terni, 2007).

We also deliver dance and educational workshops. Please contact us for more details.

"It was truly remarkable how the learning capabilities of the participants improved within days and how some, perhaps for the first time, have found the confidence to speak of their experience."
  • Barnet College
  • ESOL Students
  • Communicator Newsletter
"I really enjoyed the event, was really impressed by the young peoples achievement, the performance was incredibly high quality."
  • Rachel Evans
  • Sadlers Wells
"It is great to see young people enjoying themselves and learning positive ways to express themselves and channel their energy. This has been a very positive project; all the young people have really enjoyed themselves. The project has encouraged young people to utilise play areas on the estate in a positive fashion."
  • Leinya Keivani
  • The Bridge New Deal For Communities

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