"We’re passionate about delivering high-quality, innovative, technology-led performance pieces that make the contemporary dance world accessible to all."

Room For Wonder and Space

Since 2005 we’ve been researching, creating and developing collaborative work ...

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Past Projects


UK | 2011-14

Shhhh! In-Finite In-Finite is an interface between live art, history and social media performance. Our goal is to create a flow between dance performance and technology | more...


East of England | 2010

This is a vibrant and revealing performance using a mixture of dance, film and interactive installation. It was created through a collaborative process and explores the | more...


Dubai | 2009

A solo performance by Joumana Mourad. This piece continues to explore secrets and untold stories. It was both commissioned by and performed at Art Dubai 2009. | more...


London | 2008 - 2009

A piece that takes inspiration from fairy tales where humans turn to animals. Six performers portray a concoction of familiar characters mixed with newly created ideologies. | more...


General Manager
admin - 28/10/15

IJAD’s offices are in Willesden Green, West London. Job Description | more...

Part-time Fundraising and Marketing Officer
admin - 23/05/14

Job-Spec Part-time General Manager:  12hours to two days a week. | more...

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